My eyes keep sight of my feet as they step over knots and up rocks, glancing up every so often to take in the beautiful view. Black and white butterflies twirl in the air around me, so close it almost seems like I could hold one on my finger. As I keep walking up the side of the waterfall, I go under a canopy of beautiful, majestic trees. The sunlight is peeking through the lacy pattern of branches and I hear the soft song of the waterfall in the distance. 

Up farther and farther, almost there. Walking on the trail to the top, I don't know what to expect. I've never been up at the head of this waterfall, only been told how breathtaking it is. Then I see it, only it's partially hidden by little trees outlining the entrance. I spread my arms out like a bird to push back the branches, and I take it in. 

The waterfall is mighty, a strong current ahead of me. Mountains covered with tall pine trees are the backdrop. There are rocks, small and big, standing firm in the water. You see the water bubbling and swirling. I sit a ways away from the head of the waterfall, not wanting to be pulled in by the current. Swinging my legs over the edge, taking the shoes off my tired feet, I gently place my feet, one by one, into the water.

The water is cool, refreshing and a clear copper color. I kind of want to lay my head down and nap in the sun but instead, I sit, scanning the picture in front of me. Quiet, peaceful, just what my tired soul needed. I thank God for the beauty, the prize at the end of the hike and I just sit. I just sit and am just there, I have nowhere else to be but here. The tension in my neck and heart relaxes wooed by the hum of the waterfall. I needed this series of moments that are full of peace, rest and beauty. Thank You. 


A few weeks ago my older sister and friend took me up to the North Shore to go camping. I wrote the piece above about the waterfall at Temperance State Park. It was a really fun trip and we saw lots of beautiful views. If you ever get the chance to visit the the area, definitely go! It is so beautiful up there. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and you have the most beautiful day! God bless.


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Love, Elise