I struggle with waiting. I like to jump ahead to what's next and am not always content. The season of life I am in is so special and I won't ever have it again so I wanted to write down things that make this season so unique and important to me.

I am striving to enjoy every moment and soak up all the goodness that is in this season. It is definitely a work in progress. How about you? Are you in a season where you want to jump ahead to what's next but you feel called to be content? 


Watching things with my family is something I will always remember and I know the frequency of that won't last forever. It is always so fun to hear everyone laugh and enjoy it together. 

Taking walks on our roads is something that I enjoy so much. I know I won't live here forever so I want to soak up these times. I think just about every time (especially in the evening) I take a walk on our road, I get overwhelmed by just how beautiful it is. The trees, sun, and peace hold a special place in my heart. I think what makes it so beautiful is just how quiet it is. Most of the time when I take a walk, I just walk soaking up the quiet. It is great.

Now that we have a puppy I know she won't be a puppy for much longer and I won't always live near her so I want to remember fun things about her. For example, every time you see her after a little while, she runs up to you, tail wagging like crazy. She gets so excited and it is the best. Having to take Mina outside at night before bed also has given me greater opportunity to look at the stars and enjoy the summer nights.

Being able to sleep in and stay up late is something I want to enjoy because I am almost an adult and we all know with that comes greater responsibility. 

Just being around my immediate family all the time is something I don't want to take for granted because it won't always be that way. We will move away and have our own families and I don't want to forget to enjoy these special times. 

Having the margin to create. I know that when I graduate, I will do everything I can to make sure that I have time to create because it is so life-giving for me, but probably won't have as much time as I do now. 

Cheering my little brother on at his baseball games as a family. It was so sweet and fun.

One thing that especially stands out is that in this season I get to create alongside my family. We give each other feedback, assistance, encouragement. It is beautiful.

Having my family around to hang out with most of the time is a huge blessing. 

I think it so good to take a step back and see all the good things in your current season, especially if it is a season of waiting. We longed for these days and they are great.

Lord, please help us to see the beautiful and unique things of our current season and enjoy them to the fullest. Protect us from running ahead and missing the special moments. We love you. Amen

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Love, Elise