Owning It {Round Two}

Owning It {Round Two}

I did one of these posts last year and am excited to do it again! Last Saturday, I asked my family what weird things I do and I got a lot of answers. Apparently I am weirder than I thought.

So here it goes (and I would love if you shared something in the comment section!).

I can't wink.

I just can't. It looks as if I am eating something sour. 


I chew weird.

My brother says that I smack with my mouth closed. In my defense, it is genetic.


My love for Pride & Prejudice.

 This image sums it up.

This image sums it up.

My sister and I watch it just about every week. It is crazy but so fun!


I snort when I laugh.

Especially when I am with my friends Mia and Belle and my sister Sophia. We will laugh, then snort from laughing and laugh because we snorted.


I say, "so this one blog I look at...," all the time.

This is where I got the name of my blog. I read blogs and then tell my family about them and always start with, "so this one blog I look at...".


When I get excited about something, I get really hyper and loud.

Like if I have blog idea, I get SO excited and freak out to my family and I my volume goes from a 1 to a 10.


When I tell jokes, I can't help but laugh while telling them.

I am not natural jokester, but when I have a funny joke, I start laughing while I am telling it.


When I laugh so hard and I am tired, I cry.

Last Friday, my dad said something during dessert that wasn't even funny and I laughed so hard. Like can't breath laughing. I was tired.


When something hard happens really fast and I am overcome with emotion, I can't help but laugh.

example: If someone gets hurt, I sometimes laugh. I don't mean to be mean but I just laugh sometimes.


I would love to live in Charlotte, NC.

My family always teases me about this but it true. I would love to live there. A lot of bloggers I read live there and it just seems like such a cute city and really pretty! 


When I am singing a song and forget the lyrics, I wing it.

It is pretty funny. I was singing this song (adorable song by the way) and forgot some of it so I made the rest of it up to the tune of the song. 


I get emotionally invested in movies/TV shows.

My sister and I were watching a TV show and we got so mad at the bad guy. I was actually getting frustrated. Another thing is I feel the emotion of the character's situation and get tears in my eyes BUT NEVER CRY. I have never cried in a movie.


I hope that makes you laugh! Have a blessed day.

-2 Samuel 7:28-

Love, Elise



Hi! + Blogging Goals

Hi! + Blogging Goals