My Favorites This Week

This beautiful Friday I am linking up to Erika, Andrea and Narci's Friday Favorites link up!

Our friends Belle and Mia spent the night on Wednesday after youth group. At midnight, I went downstairs and got mac and cheese, pickles and homemade mints. Haha. #midnightsnack #literally

I am reading this book right now and it is really good! I am so picky about books. My kind of book would be something like Sadie Robertson's fiction book. I loved that book. This one isn't exactly the same but is similar and really good!

I really want to read this book! I love the message that we are always invited by God! It looks so good. Have you read it?

One of my favorite YouTube channels is Jefferson Bethke's. I love his messages, especially the ones he does with his wife, Alyssa. They love the Lord and it shows so much in their lives. They are so encouraging and point you toward Christ and His Word. Their kids are so cute and I really like the vlogs. I would definitely check them out!

One thing I love is being creative. Creativity is so refreshing to me. I love making things that are colorful, bright and pretty. I love how I feel God's presence and His peace when I am creating. It is so good for my soul! 

So having said that, I have some projects I am working on that are so exciting! One of them involves a laminator and gold foil. #teaser

My friend Belle and I, our sisters and moms are going to go thrift shopping soon! I need them to teach me how to do it because I am not very good at searching for deals. I usually get grossed out at thrift shops but I am letting that go. I want to learn because last week Belle got an Urban Decay blush (originally $26) for THREE DOLLARS. Hopefully I can find some good deals.


Have a wonderful weekend and God bless!


-Galatians 2:20-

Love, Elise

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