Welcome to my blog. I put a little bit of everything on here: recipes, faith, DIY and beauty posts. I am so glad you are here! 


My fingers excitedly tap against the keys of my computer. The grind of coffee beans and the smell of frothed milk and vanilla surrounds me as I work. The work is hard but I can feel my heart beating with every word I type, every conversation I have with someone, every dream I pray about, it all fills my life to the brim with purpose. The mission of building the Kingdom connects my heart to the Creator whose heart is that everyone would know Him. 

Mission echoes and reveals the truth that there is something greater that we are invited to. Each of us has something to bring that enters into a dance of beauty, reaching near and far to share the good news of the Savior. We see each other as a family on a mission together, each filled with the love for others that our Creator has for us.


The mission to make Him known sets us on a path we may never have dreamed but it is better than we ever could have imagined. Sometimes the mission causes us to experience pain or discomfort but in the moments of difficulty, we have the greatest treasure of all: Him. Our Creator, Savior, Heavenly Father, Who, through His Spirit, leads and guides us on the mission and does the heavy lifting we humans cannot. He teaches, corrects, and loves us with the tender heart of a father. He wraps us up in His unfailing love no matter what. 

His goodness is what spurs us on, gives us a thirst for mission. Because we've experienced His goodness. We've seen His love and power. And it leaves us in a state of awe and a deep desire to tell everyone how much He loves them too. How He wipes all our sins clean and gives us a life full of grace, joy, and peace. We are propelled into a life guided by the Spirit, ready for what our Creator set us apart to do.


This Truth, this is Who we live for. This is why we go on mission overflowing with purpose.