Let's Play (20 Question Game)

Let's Play (20 Question Game)

So I'ves seen this 20 question game around (here and here) and thought it would be fun! So let's play...

1: Favorite food?

Okay so I love food, so it's hard to pick just one food. But if I had to choose I would choose subs. 

2:Flip flops or high heels?

Flip flops.

3:Favorite places to shop for yourself?

Target and JCPenny's.

4:Standard coffee order?

At Caribou: Mint Condition Mocha

At Starbucks: Iced Carmel Macchiato

5:Road trip must have snack?

Candy and chips. Also an iced drink.

6:DIY or hire out?


7:Top 5 shows?

Fixer Upper, The Pioneer Woman, Chuck, Last Man Standing, and Chopped.

8:Favorite book?

Okay so I couldn't just pick one so here are my favorites.

9:What is your favorite form of exercising?

Walking or strength training.

10:How tall are you?

5 foot, 5 inches.

11:Do you try something new at restaurants or stick to your favorites?

Stick to my favorites, and if I am at a new place I stick to things I know I'll like (like burgers, sandwiches, pasta, etc.).

12:What's one make-up item you can't live without:


13:What's on your nightstand?

Alarm clock, lotion, and chapstick.

14:What's one thing motherhood has taught you? 

Okay I can't answer this question, so I changed the question: 

What is one thing that you have learned in the past year?

God's with me. He never gives up on me, He forgives me, He loves me, wants me, and has everything worked out!

15:What music reminds you of high school?

Again still in high school but (was thinking about this yesterday actually) what is one song that reminds me of when I was younger? 

Holy, Holy, Holy. We sang that every morning before school and it was really special!

16:If you could live anywhere else in the world besides your current city, what would it be?

(So my family is going to laugh because I have been talking about this for a long time) CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA!!!!! That's my dream place to live.

17:What is one thing that we might not know about you?

I'm terrified of sharks. They scare me to death.

18:What websites do you browse (besides blogs)?

Instagram and Pinterest.

19:Are you a morning person or night owl?

Night owl!

20:Favorite breakfast meal?

Bagels with cream cheese and jam or a ham slice. Yum!!


So there's a little about me! Happy Friday Eve!!!





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