Labor Day Weekend Recap

How was your weekend? Mine was great! 


When you wake up with your hair looking like Tori Kelly's, you take a picture. I had Belle over to spend the night and we painted (so fun!), watched a lot of fixer upper and chopped, did the bean boozled challenge (NEVER AGIAN IT WAS THE WORST! haha) and hung out!! That evening we went with my mom to Mickey D's and got coffee and ice cream, it was fun to hang out with them!


We played games (Colin crushed us in Life AND Monopoly Deal), and watched stuff. After we dropped Belle and her brothers off we chilled for the afternoon then went to Munsinger Gardens! Here are the photos I got...

God is an amazing artist! Then we got dinner and came home to rest. 


We went to church and then chilled for part of the afternoon and then we all went to the lake! I tried my aunt's paddle board which is so fun!! We came home to eat and then went to walk on the bike trail and got ice cream! After that we came home and watched a family movie.


Labor Day!! I got up and went on a 12 mile bike ride! It was fun, but boy am I sore haha! Then we worked in the yard the rest of the afternoon, had an early dinner, and after Colin and I went to pick up coffee and went to Sephora! Colin thought it was gross that I was using the tester tube of lipstick. 

My favorite drink at Starbucks!! Iced Carmel Macchiato!  


Now onto my first day of school! 



Friday Favorites!!

Friday Favorites!!

Happy 1st Day of the Weekend!! (Friday Link-ups)

Happy 1st Day of the Weekend!! (Friday Link-ups)