Welcome to my blog. I put a little bit of everything on here: recipes, faith, DIY and beauty posts. I am so glad you are here! 



I love reading funny stories about things that others do. Not because I want to laugh at their mistakes or think I am better (because I am not) but because the stories just make you laugh and they make life, which is sometimes hard, just a little lighter. You know how sometimes you feel overwhelmed and then another thing happens but instead of getting mad, you just laugh? I love those moments and sharing those moments because it teaches us to not let the little things steal our joy. 

So let's share our funny stories with each other to open up the doors to being real and human so that others feel the freedom to do the same. Let's laugh so hard our stomachs hurt and we all feel accepted and known. Let's be there for each other. Because life in real, broken, messy community is beautiful and rich. 

With that being said, today I am sharing my kitchen confessions. Funny mistakes I've made, things that I may have never told anyone. I hope it makes you laugh. Feel free to share your confessions below. 

I once was eating cereal and thought that putting pineapple juice in it would be good. Went to the fridge and got the jar with pineapple juice. The only problem was it wasn't pineapple juice: it was chicken broth. 


I forget eggs in recipes sometimes. On my birthday I made brownies and forgot the eggs and they were as hard as a rock. Absolute disaster. Then I made a peanut butter banana muffins once and forgot the eggs, but they actually turned out really well. 


I toasted coconut and forgot about it. Eww.

When I was seven, we were making subs and I was trying to get the plastic seal, from around the top, off. I grabbed a turkey tester to try to poke it off and in the end, I accidentally stabbed myself and had a semi hole in the palm of my hand. Then I went to a piano recital and showed all my extended family (Battle wound:) ).

I love to experiment in the kitchen and one cold and rainy day, I wanted to make different kinds of hot chocolate. A spicy hot chocolate was one that I thought of so I decided for the spice factor I would use hot pepper flakes. Very important fact: I had never eaten hot pepper flakes by this time in my life so I didn't know how hot they actually were. I thought that if I steeped a tablespoon in the hot cocoa then strained it, it would be delicious. You can just imagine me straining it, then lifting the mug up to taste the yumminess in the mug. I took a big sip, so excited and expectant, then spit it out in a millisecond. Thankfully I was at the sink. 

When I make something and it doesn't turn out how I hope, I get really dramatic and I exaggerate a lot. For example, I made waffles a few weeks ago and they looked cooked when I took them out of the iron, only to find when I opened them a few minutes later, they were really undercooked. I then told my family what happened followed by, "These are so disgusting and gross. Man, these are horrible." They weren't' actually that bad but you know, exaggeration. Haha.

I hope this made you laugh. Have a wonderful day!

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Love, Elise