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My Favorite Christmas Decorating Tips {Plus A Free Printable}

My Favorite Christmas Decorating Tips {Plus A Free Printable}

Hey! Today I am sharing my favorite Christmas tips and a free printable! Here they are.....



Every Christmas I go to the Dollar Tree and pick out a thing of wrapping paper. It is a cheap and easy way to separate your gifts from others. I did this last year and I think I have a plaid thing going because last year I got red plaid wrapping paper. I love doing this because then there is a variety of different looking gifts and I love pretty wrapping paper!


An easy way to decorate for Christmas is to put Christmas prints in your room/house. I went on Pinterest and typed in "free Christmas printable's" and found quite a few. My favorite though is the one above of Mary and Jesus from Shades of Blue Interiors. It is so beautiful. I placed it in a frame next to the Christmas tree in my room and when it is dark and the lights are on it is a peaceful sight. I am so thankful for God sending His Son to die for me and bring peace. Thank you Jesus.



Last but not least, A FREE PRINTABLE! I love Christmas lights (who doesn't?) and decided to design a print for you guys. Hope you enjoy it.

(To download this free printable click the link below).



Merry Christmas!


~Matthew 1:21~

Love Elise

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