Fourth of July Weekend Wrap Up

Fourth of July Weekend Wrap Up

Hey! How was your fourth of July weekend? What did you do? Here is what I did...

Last weekend my mom, older brother, younger sister and I went to visit some friends of ours in Owatonna, MN for the weekend!


We got to Owatonna at about 10 pm on Friday night and stay up to about 1:30 am catching up with each other.


Us girls (my younger sister Sophia, Isabel and I) didn't get up until 10:30 that morning! 

After breakfast the three of us went on walk. We walked on a trail nearby. 

That afternoon we chilled, played Dutch Blitz and got ice cream.

We got a three flurries: mint, mocha, and pineapple. They were so good!

For dinner that night we had grilled burgers. It is so good to butter your hamburger buns and grill them. It makes them so good! After dinner we got ready for bed and the girls (including our moms) watched Pride and Prejudice. Love that movie!


We went to church and the sermon was about Peter walking on the water. One of the points I really liked that the pastor said was that it was safer for Peter to be out on the water with Jesus than to be in the boat. The safest place for us is staying close to Jesus just like Peter did on the water.

After we came back to their house we chilled the rest of the day. We played Dutch Blitz,  Clue and laughed so hard!

We ended the night watching this video and When Calls the Heart on Netflix.


That morning we all went on a walk on the same trail as before but in a different direction. The boys were goofing off as usual.

So that was my weekend! Hope you have a beautiful day!


-Matthew 7:24-

Love, Elise





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