Food I Could Eat the Rest of My Life, Blogging Goals, &...

Food I Could Eat the Rest of My Life, Blogging Goals, &...

I've got a bunch of random things for you this Friday! 

Food I could eat for the rest of my life:


Chocolate Ice Cream

Mexican Food

Potato Salad

Reuben Sandwiches


When I told my family these things (there were more but I can't remember them), they thought I was weird. But it's true I could eat these things everyday of my life. 

Haha. What are yours?


Blogging Goals

I am working on continuing a blog schedule and posting more on social media, Instagram especially. I will see how much I can do once school starts which brings me to....




I am actually excited for school. I am taking some fun online courses, such as web development, banking and business. I haven't decided what language I am taking yet but I think I am leaning toward French. I also have a pile of books that I am going to try to blast through. 


Christmas Gifts


I have almost all of my Christmas gifts figured out. I know it is early but if I get think ahead, I can maybe get deals and won't have to go Christmas shopping in December. Have you thought about it yet?


Random Funny Stories



At youth group a few weeks ago, I went kayaking. Now I wasn't planning on swimming so I didn't wear my swimsuit. As I was going up to the dock to get out of the kayak I thought,"It looks shallow here." Well I was wrong. When I stepped out, water almost came up to my neck! Lesson learned.


When I was younger I loved to play pretend. Whether that be pretending to be a mom, playing office or even running a dry cleaning place (it's funny what we do for play when we are younger, such as laundry), I loved it. I made spreadsheets, forms to fill out, a list of employees, and group managers. 

This was our appointment slip.

Oh the things we do when we were kids (I am actually really proud of that still).

Have a great day and God bless!


-Psalm 18:2-

Love, Elise








He Is In Control

He Is In Control

Garlic Green Beans

Garlic Green Beans