Happy Wednesday! How was your Easter? Mine was great and really fun. Here is what I did.


On Friday Sophia and I did at home Malibu hair treatments. A Malibu treatment helps to get build-up off of your scalp. You put the mixture on and then you have to apply heat for about an hour. We don't have one of the salon hair dryers so we each blow dried the other's hair for AN HOUR. We are crazy. It was not that fun. The mixture was also really sticky so it almost made you go crazy (if being sticky bothers you).

Friday night we caught up on our favorite TV show, Designated Survivor. It is so good and really suspenseful but I like that kind of show. There is nothing inappropriate in it so we can watch it as a family.  Highly recommend.   


Every year our church youth group hosts an Easter breakfast. On Saturday morning my mom, sister and I went to our church to cook for the next day. We made hundreds of muffins and prepared egg bakes. I love doing things like this because it is so fun to hang out with friends while working. 

That afternoon my mom and I went to pick up some last minute things at the store. My older brother, Colin, works at Starbucks and so we stopped to see him and get a drink. He made us this refresher that he said was really good and it is my new favorite! It is a cool lime refresher substituted with lemonade and Matcha powder. For the Matcha powder it is 1/2 scoop for a tall, 1 scoop for a grande and 2 scoops for a venti. Light and refreshing.

At Michael's I bought this watercolor set. I have really gotten into watercolor and calligraphy lately. I am still learning I can't wait to do more with this great paint set.

Being creative is so important to me and painting with watercolor was just what I needed. It was relaxing and peaceful. I love how we can connect with God while being creative and that creativity comes in so many forms. Thank You, Lord, for creativity. 


We had to be at church early on Sunday so my sister and I got up at four thirty. Yes, you read that right. I have never gotten up that early unless it was for a trip. Needless to say, we went to bed early on Sunday.

The breakfast went well and I loved celebrating the risen King! In the afternoon we went to my aunt's house and had a really great time!

It was a great day, full of family and friends and the most joyous news of Jesus rising! He is so good!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter and walk with the hope and joy of because of Jesus we are never alone! Talk to you later!


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Love, Elise