Day In The Life

Day In The Life

I love reading day-in-the-life posts! How about you? Here is my pretty typical Wednesday (this was Wednesday, January 27, 2016)...


6:45am- Wake up!

I set my alarm for 6 and 6:15 pretty much every morning but I usually don't get up until about 6:30-7:00. I like hitting the snooze button:)

6:45-8:00- I read my Bible and worked out.


8:00- Got ready for the day.

8:30- Got breakfast and made some lists.

Today breakfast was yogurt with cherry sauce, coconut, bananas, and dark chocolate chips. Really good!

My verse of the day!

9ish- Start school.

I always start with math, and today was no different! Today I had extra to do so it took longer than usual.

12:30pm- Ate lunch.

We had pork and butternut squash stew. It looks different but is so good! It usually takes us a lot of time to eat lunch because we talk a lot! 

1:30- Start school up again. 


3:45- Finished with school, picked up around the house, and got my stuff together for the evening at youth group.

4:15- Looked on Instagram and took a break for a little bit. 

4:45ish- Got stuff together and headed to church!

5:15- Got to church and helped with the community meal, then worked on my blog a little and hung with friends until dinner!

 Me, Belle, Mia, and Sophia.

Me, Belle, Mia, and Sophia.

6:00- Ate dinner. 

This night we had mac and cheese, apple sauce, and hot dogs. I forgot to take a picture until I was half way through my meal.

6:45- Left church and went to one of our leaders house to play broom ball!

They have a boat house that we hung out in if we didn't want to play broom ball. After a few minutes Belle, Mia, Sophia, and I went out and hung out outside. That was really fun! When we got back inside the boathouse, we played spoons and apples to apples!

10ish- Came home and got ready for bed.

10:43- Set my alarms and went to bed.


So there you have a peek into my Wednesday! Hope you have a great day!!
















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