I come from a family that is really creative. One of my favorite things to do as a family is to help each other create things. 

Thank You Lord for my family. You are so good.

My Dad and older sister have a beautiful Etsy store called EngravestoneWare and they sell hand-engraved trivets and coaster that make the most wonderful gifts. Our family has been of course using trivets for years and I could never go back to pot holders. 


My Dad also has an amazing website displaying his artwork. The picture above is a set of tiles engraved, painted and put together to create this beautiful display. 

My Dad has a brick engraving company called Engravstone. He engraves bricks and pavers for organizations and building projects. 


My older brother, Colin, is a musician and has a instrumental song here.

I am so proud of my family and excited for where God takes us and how He uses it for His glory. He is so good!