Won't He Do It

Very often on social media, I will hear Christians say, "Won't He do it!" They say it in a sense of audacious faith, they believe He can just like in Daniel 3:17-18. They say it in praise to our God, Who can do anything. 

Something you may not know about me is that for the last three years I have been battling with having seizures. It has been a bumpy journey and one that I'm still not through yet. I don't have any control over my body because of them and this leaves me really anxious and panicky in most situations. This last Sunday on the way to church I started to get that familiar feeling of panic and worry.

Being completely honest and vulnerable, a lot of the times when I'm struggling with health-related anxiety and panic I get frustrated that it's happening again. I get upset and can easily feel powerless against it. 

And that's the thing. 

I am powerless against it. 

I cannot overcome it by myself. Only through Jesus. Only Jesus. 

So when the anxiety came on Sunday the Holy Spirit enabled me to have audacious faith believing that He had me and He would overcome my fear. In fact, that He already had. He helped me to just focus on praising Him because that was my job and His job was to take care of the battle before me. So even in the midst of worship at church, when fear and doubt tried to get my attention, the Holy Spirit kept reminding me that He was right there. He kept reminding me that I could do it because I wasn't doing it. He was and He has all power and authority. That morning, I got to experience God's supernatural, humanity-defying power at work IN ME. 

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.
— Matthew 21:22 NIV

He enabled me to put this verse into action by helping me to believe that He was taking the best care of me even if that meant that He wasn't going to take my anxiety right then and there. 

What I want you to walk away with today is this: God can do it and He can do it in your life. He can do anything you ask, believe that. Even if you don't feel it because the truth isn't always backed up with a feeling.  The first part is believing He is capable to do anything. The second part is trusting that although He can completely do whatever you ask He may not because He has something better even if you don't understand it. And the third part? Letting Him do what only He can and you do your job.

Just like during church, my job was to keep praising and believing. Ask God what you are to do and just keep doing it while not concerning yourself with His job. When I was singing I kept getting emotional because of the anxiety. Instead of letting that make me quit praising, God helped me to keep singing because I knew He was working on my behalf. Keep fixing your eyes on Him, I promise He has you. 

So whatever battle you are facing that leaves you feeling powerless, I pray and hope that that encourages you to believe for yourself that 'won't He do it'.


Movement of the Spirit

Movement of the Spirit

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