Hello friends!

I am Elise Welch, a girl who lives in Central Minnesota and loves Jesus with all of her heart. My desire and prayer for this website is to encourage you in your walk with God and help you step into your identity as a child of God. 

A Little of My Story

Over the past few years I have walked through different trials in the form of depression, anxiety, health issues, and fear. BUT God. BUT God. With Him everything broken and damaged is made into something beautiful. He has shown me the power of His Spirit and helped me to live in the freedom He died for me to have. He has broken through the lies and fears that held me captive, showing me that because of Him, I was made for so much more, so much better. I was made for Him, His abundance, His love, His Truth. 

He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.
— Psalm 23:3

I want to be honest and vunerable because we are all works in progress and we need each other's encouragment and grace. I hope what I share leaves you feeling loved, known, and seen. But more importantly, I hope what I share leads you to Him because He is crazy about you and loves you more than you will ever be able to fathom. 

Some Random Things About Me

  • I love to laugh really loud 
  • I'm a Type Four on the Enneagram 
  • My favorite season is summer
  • I can't wink 
  • I am the middle child of 5 kids
  • I love peanut butter
  • I am 17 (my birthday is December 27th, two days after Christmas)
  • I am a really weird and crazy person, who loves to make others laugh by talking in different accents and making up puns:)
  • I sing constantly

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you have the most beautiful day!